Welcome to Il Dolce

Pizzeria • Restaurant

IL DOLCE is a modern pizzeria-restaurant located at the corner of Harbor Blvd and 19th Street in Costa Mesa.
This is a restaurant created by husband and wife team Fernanda Masuero and Roberto Bignes; both with a long history in the food business. Their strength and professionalism clearly translates into their passion for food, familiar touch and knowledge.
IL DOLCE is part of this new generation restaurant known more commonly and trickle down cuisine which is inspired by natural ingredients, casual atmospheres which are becoming increasingly popular.
The menu is a classical and traditional Italian food with an emphasis in gourmet pizzas, including a few dishes from the Argentinean background of the owners. By using the best organic and fresh products in town and engaging service our customers are delighted.
IL DOLCE truly represents good food, enjoyment and good life!